We carry a long line of Samsung products: World class Business Phone Systems, campus wide Wi-Fi connectivity, Small cells, IP Communications, and more.  Samsung has the equipment to get you talking, and keep you communicating.


We now carry NEC Phones and Networking equipment too! Phone systems for any size business.

Unify Collaboration
Unify, Inc.

Unify is one of our most recent additions to our sales offerings and we are excited to bring them to our customers.  Unify brings two great offerings to our line up, OpenScape Cloud and OpenScape Business.  Both Cloud and Business focus heavily on Unify's ability to deliver Unified Collaboration as a Service (UCaaS).  The tools these platforms give you will allow your teams to work together from across the room or across the world.  And having tools that seamlessly transition from desk phone to computer to tablet to mobile phone and back again all in the press of a button means more time being productive, and less time wrestling technology. 


Grandstream delivers an entire communications solution in one powerful and easy to manage deployment. From IP Voice & Video, to IP networking, surveillance, conferencing and more, we deliver the tools any organization needs to be successful. All of our solutions deliver state-of-the-art features to maximize your network's customibility, while being optimized to seamlessly work together.